Sita's personal tips for a day on the bike!

The perfect getaway and city break for a long weekend is not complete without getting on your bike and do some sightseeing. I will try to make your life a little easier by providing you with some tips to experience this typical Dutch habit in the best way!

There is a lot more to do in The Hague and its seaside than only beach & mere city life. The routes below will give you the possibility to enjoy bike rides along the beach, through the city center and also surrounding cities. The large dunes protecting the city from the sea are the perfect place for long walks, bike riding or even horseback riding.

The main beaches of The Hague are Scheveningen, the lively seaside resort with the Kurhaus building, and the pristine beach of Kijkduin. Personally, I would like to add the Wassenaarse Slag to this with a coastline of more than 8 kilometres long! It’s a great place to enjoy a nice walk or bike ride.

Here is a (free) already mapped out bike tour through The Hague – the governmental centre of Holland – and the neighbouring seaside resort Scheveningen. 

When downloading the map please make sure you read the tips for a safe and enjoyable cycling experience!

The tour is only 15KM, so that means there is time for some breaks during the tour to enjoy the scenery and to stop and enjoy a herring at Simonis op de Boulevard in Scheveningen. Eating a herring is an absolute must-do while being at the beach in The Netherlands!

In case I got you excited to go Dutch and you would like to rent some bikes during your stay, BINKBIKES it is.

If you are interested in a longer bike tour through different cities surrounding The Hague, here’s some other daytrips.

If you are not too sure about your map skills and fancy a guided tour I would suggest to check out some guided tours. This website has a few of the best selected guided tours through the beautiful city. There are private tours and group tours, just have a look and pick one that suites you best.

Enjoy your biking day!